Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hello all! My goodness it's been a busy week!

I did manage to get the plane from Prague, even though my accommodation was a while away from the terminal. No one spoke English to assist... May have panicked internally slightly... But it all turned out well! 

Arriving in Venice was breath taking. Immediately you feel so relaxed and are in awe of how on earth the city is possibly there.... Still... After all this time. Navigating the streets, although romantic at first, proves to be extremely difficult even with the assistance of Google maps. But! Like the Italians, you just go along with it. Their pace and relaxed nature is so refreshingly different to Australia. 

I did a lot in Venice, and met some wonderful people! Unfortunately, the blog won't allow a full recount of these experiences. In other words, just ask me when I get back! I certainly don't expect you to read a detailed account of my adventures! Haha...

So! The highlights and musings on Venice. (These are just a few!)

- Ca Pesaro Gallery of Modern Art. I didn't get around to the Guggenheim... But was spectacular in its own right. Found a sculptor that I'd never heard of, Adolfo Wildt, whose works I just love. Other artists included, Rodin, Klimt, Miro, Klee, Kandinsky to name a few... Wonderful!

- Doges Palace. Fascinating learning about the politics and power of Venice. Stunning architecture and history.

- Chiesa Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. Stunning church. Part of me feels quite out of depth in Itsly, given I have no religious upbringing and very little understanding of the content of the artworks (although I am learning!). Yet, this church, compared to others that can be kind of oppressive, was a beautiful celebration of religion. Spectacular artwork (Titian!) and architecture. 

- Dogs of Venice. Dogs everywhere! In bars, supermarkets, on the street without leads... And chasing pigeons in St Mark's Square. Bliss!

- Osteria da Filo. A fantastic little bar in Venice in the Santa Croce area. No tourists, brilliant music, food and wine. So friendly. I spent three out of my four evenings there at some point for a drink! (Not in the guides books... It's a wonderful little secret!)

My photographs, however, did struggle! I think I may have been expecting too much from the city for myself that I found it difficult to relax my artistic eye. Yet, despite my photos suffering, I still have wonderful memories. Here's a few below!

(I've been travelling a fair bit, so only a few photo so edited...! More when I get back!)


  1. Beautiful pics Kathleen.. your tearing me up in a good way. Copy of the girl on the tricycle overwhelmingly happy for you and your travels