Monday, October 20, 2014

Castle and Dvorak

Good evening / morning!

I think my posts will, from now on, be brief as blogging appears to not be iPad friendly! Friendly enough, however, it has its limits.

I ventured up to the Prague Castle on my second day. It was a very nice attraction, my favourite part being St George's Basillica. The 13th century (I think!) frescos were stunning! (Photos below) I didn't get into the main church as the line was enormous! The castle was more of a very large room, I hadn't expected how old it actually was, therefore the design being quite simple, but beautiful. I got told off for taking pictures, yet the other tourists weren't! So I took a snap anyway... :) 

That evening I got to tick off an item off my (very small) bucket list! Seeing the Czech Philharmonic playing Antonin Dvorak in Prague. It was a dream come true! Initially no concerts were scheduled during my visit. However, about two weeks to my departure they placed a concert of Dvorak's Carnival Overture and his most famous symphony, the 9th (aka "The New World Symphony"). Inspired by his travels to America (and the resulting home-sickness) the symphony combines hints of African-American fold tunes (so they say!) and a strong Bohemian flavour. The concert was spectacular. The Dvorak Hall at the Rudolfinum was very small, however the sound was superb! I'm very lucky!!!!!

The next day I also visited the Dvorak museum. It took me about two hours to get there as I got a bit lost... But it was worth it! The museum was quite small, however it featured many significant items such as his violin, piano and desk. The roof of the museum was itself, spectacular! Apollo riding to heaven on a Pegasus... As you do... It is a Rococo dream! 

See pics below! First lot of the castle, and the next lot of the Dvorak museum!


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  1. That piano..the window and lighting creative haven.