Saturday, October 18, 2014

Selfies and Segways

Hello all! (I have been editing the photos on my iPad.... So please excuse any odd colours,'s no photoshop!) (This blog isn't also 100% how I'd like it... However, I've spent almost 2 hours on it... It's not quite iPad friendly... Oh well...)

After about 30 hours of travel and 6 hours of sleep... I am in Prague! And it's like a fairytale!

(To Mum, "It's a f***ing fairytale!")

I arrived at my accommodation at about 22:30 and was greeted by my lovely hosts. They showed me to my accommodation which is through two giant wooden doors, past a restaurant, through an iron bar door, up three flights of stairs, through another wooden door and then into my apartment. This process requires 5 keys, all with very different ways of operating them in the lock. Joy. I locked myself in at first... But after about 10 minutes of panic, now I have the hang of it. 

I slept very well that night, and when I woke, I was greeted with this view!

And a pigeon... (Happy Bean)

I showered, made myself a cup of tea and decided to see what wonders Prague had for me! So! All excited I left my apartment and proceeded to trip down the uneven stone stairs of my accommodation and twist my ankle. Excellent start. Feeling slightly sorry for myself and with a sore ankle,  I ventured out into the city!

My first sight was Charles Bridge and at 8am when it's raining it was very peaceful! Hardly any tourists at all!

Wandering through the streets was wonderful! Had no idea where I was going and there were so many small surprises to undercover. 

Unfortunately the National Museum is closed (renovations), as is the Jewish Cemetery (Jewish holidays), so I made my way to the astronomical clock! 

Once figuring out where the clock was, I was greeted by many, many tourists! All of whom were intent on taking selfies in front of the clock... 

Some tourists weren't quite sure about the clock. "It's Hogwarts!" Said one English tourist. "I don't see what the fuss is about!" An American said. Oh well! It is very beautiful! 

Another slightly odd thing about Prague is aof those segways! They're everywhere! I'm afraid I might get hit by one...

Although I really didn't do too much on the first day, I did have a lot of un just wandering around! Next update! Prague Castle and Dvorak! 

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  1. Who's the handsome dude looking like he's about to bowl a "Maiden-Over"
    All that old stuff... a *F******G* fairy-tale......except for the septic-tanks...I do suppose they could read the C15th thing?
    Perhaps download GIMP as a good basic photo-edit program?