Monday, October 13, 2014

1 day to go!

From October 15 and the next 5 weeks I will be visiting...

Prague  -  Venice  -  Milan  -  Genoa  -  Vernazza  -  Pisa  -  Florence  

Viterbo  -  Bracciano  -  Rome

And various day trips in between (yet to be planned... and not feeling prepared...)

During this time I will be seeing / experiencing....

Music  -  Gardens  -  Art  -  Architecture  -  Food  -  Pigeons....

Yes... Pigeons. I love them. So many in Europe it will be like a wonderland for me. I have no shame in this. (See below)

("Chinese Owl", © Kathleen Winder, 2009)

(Pigeon Wonderland... )

I don't pretend to be a brilliant writer. This may, or may not, improve. (Here's hoping)  I find it quite difficult to talk up myself and tell stories... but I will try! My photos should be somewhat better! I have this romantic notion that, after a few days... weeks... or hopefully by the end of the trip, I will find that natural, unconscious rhythm again. 

Ideally I'd love this blog to be somewhat interactive! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or little photo projects that you'd like to see me do.... write it in the comments! Facebook me! Email me! Personally, it would be great fun to have these little tasks to complete!

    I already have my first task from the lovely Marlena.... to find a hat and somehow recreate a photo similar to this...

I'm not really into selfies... or posing... however, I will try! Because why not?!

Other recommendations include, try the Fig Gelato, Go to the Beer Factory in Prague, Go to Cesky Krumlov... and I will document these for those who have suggested them!

Right now I shall go and pack and relax!!

See you in 5 weeks! 



Bean x 

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  1. Have fun beanie - so jealous! I'd love to see you take a photo in Milan either inside or outside the San Siro wearing some form or AC Milan supporter gear. Good luck and enjoy :)