Monday, November 3, 2014

Firenze! So far...

Morning! Happy Melbourne Cup! And all that... 

I've been a busy Bean... Florence is wonderful!

The people are veeery fashionable here. They say Milan it's the fashion capital... But I'm sorry... Florence, to me, has so much more style and personality. And tourists. They're everywhere! And French Bulldogs... Everyone has one here too.

I have enjoyed soaking up Florence and it has surprised me that I haven't taken too many photos. Partly tiredness, partly because you're fighting for a position over the same scene with another tourist and partly because there are so many photos of Florence that I've seen, I'd rather enjoy it than take a snap to say "I've been here!" 

During my days here so far I've been to Ufizzi and Accademia galleries, Boboli Gardens, Santa Croce, Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio just to name a few... And a day trip to Fiesole which has spectacular views over Florence, Roman and Estrucan ruins and excellent food! 

The Ufizzi is a definite highlight. I booked in advance and got in waaay before the crowds... (When I left three hours after entering there were about 200 people waiting to go in!) And for free! First Sunday of the month is free! Yey! 

Botticelli is spectacular. His paintings must be seen in the flesh to fully appreciate their ethereal beauty. Other artists to note were Bellini, Camillo and Baccaccio Baccaccino, Bronzino and, of course, Titian.

The Accademia was good too. A lot of religious art (after three hours at the Ufizzi I was saturated at that point!) however, the sculptures, David of course, and the room full of plaster models for the sculptures were wonderful to view. 

So! Here are just a few highlights! Off to Lucca tomorrow for the day... Then Viterbo and Parco Dei Mostri! 

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