Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hello all!

On my last full day in Florence I decided to take a day trip because I wanted to see just a bit of the countryside! It was a toss up between Siena and Lucca. I went for Lucca due to the fact that I suspected that less tourists would be there. And it was pretty quiet!

Lucca is a beautiful city surrounded by Renaissance walls. You can walk on top of the walls,  and climb up many towers to overlook the city. There are so many churches here, it's like a mini Adelaide.... Every street has a church it seems!

I spent the first part of the day wandering around the walls where many cyclists and runners do their exercise. It's like the "Tan" up there! Just with a lot less designer fitness clothes and people monitoring their heart rates. Much more relaxed. Haha... Everyone of all ages rides a bike there. It was such a beautiful change of pace to Florence where everyone there hurtles down the streets on a Vepsa.

Next, I bought a combined ticket to the Chiesa San Giovanni, Museo della Cattedrale and Cattedrale Di San Martino. S. Giovanni church was fascinating. They had excavated the floor of this 12th century church to show the ruins of the Roman church that they had built on top of (parts of it back to 9AD). I also climbed up a rather old, rusty ladder to get to top of the church tower. Almost had a panic attack because I could see through the steps... But eventually got up there and bumped into a fellow Aussie named Toby. So! We decided to spend the afternoon wandering around the city, had lunch and chatted away! It was a wonderful way to spend the remainder of the day!

Pics below! (Featuring the Happiest dog in Lucca) 

In Viterbo now! Next post after exploring this wonderful medieval city!

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